Welcome to Math, Chocolate and Circus! I’m a mathematician working at a large research university in Australia, spouse of another mathematician miraculously employed at the same institution, mother of a toddler, and lover of chocolate. I bake a lot, usually with chocolate, and I like hanging from sheets of fabric rigged to the ceiling in my “free time”. I love sarcasm but I’m not jaded.

You might enjoy reading this blog if:

  1. You are my mom.
  2. You are an early career academic and you enjoy reading about other people who have survived so far.
  3. You are a woman in math, science or engineering and interested in another woman’s experience.
  4. You like reading about mathematicians.
  5. You like chocolate and want recipes.



A picture from a math paper I’ve written.


A chocolate cake I baked. (Names of the people congratulated were removed to protect their privacy.)


This is me hanging from the ceiling.

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