Welcome to Math, Chocolate and Circus! I’m a mathematician currently inhabiting the academic nether-land between graduate school and faculty jobs, called a post-doc. Luckily I’m now living in a country (Australia) where post-docs are treated as real employees and human beings, so I feel pretty spoiled.

I also bake a lot (usually with chocolate), and I take circus classes (aerials) as a hobby. When I get bored with all the stability and job security afforded me by academia, I sometimes dream of running away with the circus. I love sarcasm but I’m actually a quite happy person.

You might enjoy reading this blog if:

  1. You are my mom. (Or other close family member or friend who is interested in reading random stuff I write.)
  2. You are an early career academic and you enjoy reading about other people who are surviving it so far.
  3. You are a female in math, science or engineering (I don’t plan to write about being female so much, but I am).
  4. You like chocolate and want to read personal blurbs with occasional recipes.
  5. You like math and want to read personal blurbs interspersed with math bits. (Degree in math not needed.)



A picture from a math paper I’ve written.


A chocolate cake I baked. (Names of the people congratulated were removed to protect their privacy.)


This is me preparing for Plan B.

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