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  1. Lukasz Gorycki
    November 10, 2017 at 10:03 pm

    My name is Lukasz Gorycki, I’ am a novelist from Poland. I found you explaining braids in higher dimensions, during the E. Frenkel book I red recently. For the past 2 years, I have been writing my first novel, I had been doing research for 4.

    It is an overarching story of 4 protagonists (resembles a bit the novel titled „Cloud Atlas“). The most important protagonist of these 4 is the mathematician who found the key to immortality and sacrificed his life to save the entire human race.

    My book is designed to change the reality of the opressed Dalit nation in India (another one of the protagonists is a Dalit girl, rescued from a refugee camp after Indian Civil War in 2062). It is also meant to speak loudly about brutalized women and children of Asia. There are around 14 million slaves working in India right now. There is a horryfing truth about Dalit children and human trafficing around the world caused by immoral traditions.

    Most importantly, my book describes mechanisms of inheritance of fear and focuses on the sources of evil.

    There is nothing I need at the moment, but next spring I will have ready the first draft to work on. Than, if you could maybe find a couple of days to read my work and creative help. Don’t get me wrong, I don;t expect anyone to write for me, I need an expert who could check the text and correct it creatively.

    I’m looking for a mathematician who can think abstractively, who cares about the future our kids will live in, one with a heart of gold. Your face, voice tembre and body leanguage impose you might be the right person to help me, and if you can’t, maybe you know someone who could.

    I hope this message doesn’t bother you. I will be thankful for any answer.
    Best regards
    Lukasz Gorycki

    Please don’t judge me on my writing in english. I red your texts, quite good:).

    my FB account

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